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A2Z's 6 Steps To

Financial Security

Most people don't plan to fail...they fail to plan!

STEP 1-Increase Cash Flow 

• Increase income/revenue 

• Decrease expenses 

STEP 2-Proper Protection 

Get Proper Life Insurance Protection 

("D.I.M.E. Method") 

• Death expenses 

• Income replacement 

• Mortgage balance 

• Education expenses 


Proper Legal Protection 

• Personal 

• Business 

STEP 3- Emergency Fund 

Must have six times your monthly expenses saved up for you and your business 

STEP 4-Debt Management and Credit Improvement 

• Consolidate bills into one payment 

Build/re-build your personal and business credit by removing negative, outdated, erroneous trade lines legally and adding positive trade lines  

STEP 5-Long Term Savings 

Save for down payment on a new home 

Save for current or new business enterprise 

Save for children's education 

Save for retirement 

STEP 6-Business and Estate Preservation 

• Protect personal and business assets 

• Limit or avoid personal and business liabilities 

A2Z believes all consumers and businesses,

especially minorities and minority-owned businesses,

should and could have financial security by following 

our success philosophy.  A2Z can help! 

Our 6 Steps Program: Welcome
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