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Credit Improvement Services

Helping consumers and businesses increase their credit score!

A2Z Credit Improvement Services are essential to financial security for our consumer and business clients.  Got negative or derogatory items on your three major credit reports?  Don't worry, be happy!

A2Z will legally dispute and cause the three major credit bureaus to

remove these negative items within three to six months:

• Excessive Inquiries

• Duplicate Credit Entries

• Inflated/Expired Debts

• Security Clearance

• ID Theft/Mixed Files

• Repossessions

• Outdated Information

• Late Payments

• Junk Debt Buyers

• Judgments

• Liens

• Short Sale/Foreclosures

• Ex-Husband/Wife Derogatory Items

• Collections 

• Charge Offs

• Bankruptcy

• Incorrect Personal Info

• Student Loans

• Child Support

• Chex Systems

Unless you have a number of existing positive items, credit repair won't increase your credit score.  More positive personal trade lines will cause your score to be increase.  A2Z will help you add both primary and authorized users (AUs) to your credit reports.  Within six months your credit score

can go from the 400s to the 700s! 

Once you have excellent credit score, you can be a guarantor for your business.

By doing this you will be helping your business establish credit.  You can also add business trade lines to your established business. A2Z also provides seasoned companies if needed.


You put down $7,500 to $10,000 for our loaner vehicles to use for 2-3 months. During that same time, we will improve your credit scores and credit reports in 2-3 MONTHS and get you $25,000 to $250,000 IN FUNDING for your personal or business use!

If you have a loaner car from us or you just pay $2,500 for Credit Improvement Services,

you can get a brand new vehicle in 2-3 MONTHS. Just pay $2,500.

It's that simple.

The Credit Improvement Services process will take approximately 2-3 months to complete. At that point your score will be between 700-750 or higher. You will be able to go to any dealership in the country and purchase a vehicle with no down payment based on your stated income.

A2Z has a great relationship with in Silver Spring, Maryland and in particular, their dealership in New Carrollton, Maryland. That dealership provides a vast array of makes and models like Dodge Charges, Chevrolet Suburban, Cadillac Escalades, etc.


All clients are required to set up these 3 free websites to update their reports.

The credit websites will not charge you. We just need the logins and passwords

for our Credit Improvement vendors. Username and password Username and password Username and password Username, Password, 4 digit pin, Security question answer 

Please confirm all logins and passwords that they work before you send them over to us.

In the event you have issues with your logins and password here go the bureaus numbers to call to fix it.

Equifax: 404 885 8000

Transunion: 866 744 8221

Experian: 800 493 1058


We want you to succeed. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from our variety of financial services.

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