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Become an A2Z Independent Business Partner and Earn 6-7 Figures!

A2Z guarantees if our business clients become our Business Partners and follow our financial consultants advice, their business will be successful!  This means at least 7 figures or more within their FIRST year of receiving proper funding !!!

Regardless of the business they own:

• Real Estate Investment Company

• Catering business

• Daycare

• Trucking Company

• Barbershop

• Beauty Salon

• Landscaping Company

• Clothing Store

Plus many other kinds of businesses!

A2Z can help them get funding (regardless of their credit)

and help consult their business on a monthly basis.  We guarantee that if they follow our advice they will earn a MILLION dollars in gross income their first year in business! 

There is an old saying,

"If you help enough people get what they want,

then you will automatically get what you want!"

We instill this ancient philosophy into our various partners.

As an A2Z Independent Business Partner we will improve your credit score to OVER 700 within 60-90 days and get you funding (assuming you do not have a 700 or higher credit score)! 

As Business and/or Credit Partner, A2Z can help you:

A.  Start or expand your own business.

B.  Receive a base pay of $2,000 - 8,000/mo. 

C.  Receive a luxury car, luxury apartment, house, office or any thing you want or need. 

For example, a Business Partner new vehicle has no damages.  To receive this new vehicle are one similar to this one you must:

1. Agree to become an A2Z Business Partner
2.  Agree you have and maintain a credit score of 680 or higher.    
3. Agree to be an active Business Partner for a period of five years.
4. Depending on which size vehicle you want pay the following one-time fee:

a) $499.00-Midsize Car like a Hyundai 
    Sonata or Dodge Avenger 
b) $999.00-Fullsize Car like a Dodge 
c) $1,499.00-SUV like a Chevrolet Tahoe
d) $1,999.00-Luxury Car like a Cadillac 
e) $2,499.00-Luxury SUV like a Mercedes 
    GLE 350, BMW X5, Cadillac Escalade

A2Z agrees to the following:

1.  A2Z will make monthly payments for the length of finance agreement.  Regardless of what vehicle you choose you will eventually own the vehicle.  Car insurance and basic maintenance included!  

2.  Depending on your credit score, A2Z will pay you a monthly fee* of:

a) 680-$2,000/mo.
b) 700-$3,000/mo.
c) 720-$4,000/mo.
d) 740-$5,000/mo.
c) 760-$6,000/mo.
d) 780-$7,000/mo.
e) 800-$8,000/mo.
f)  800-$7,000/mo.
e) 800-$6,000/mo.

*Plus commissions

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A 680 CREDIT SCORE, you can just pay an additional $999 and get a NEW vehicle in 2-3 months!

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